North Mountain Visitor Center

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The NMVC Gift Shop:

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The North Mountain Visitor Center (NMVC) is being operated as a public / private partnership as described on the History page.  As a nonprofit, Save Our Mountains Foundation (SOMF) is raising funds to help finance this center and its operation.

For this purpose NMVC now has a gift shop run by SOMF volunteers, where visitors can purchase native rocks and locally made jewelry, desert information books, children’s books, T-shirts, sun visors, hats, walking sticks, maps of trails in the area and greeting cards. There are also some local artists paintings, Navajo rugs and some phenomenal enlarged mounted photographs of North Mountain Preserve flora and fauna, with “closer than the eye can see” detail by Joel Pearson. The sale of all these hand selected products will go towards the Center, its’ programming and operation.

We invite you to come by and visit the Center and the gift shop, along with the wonders of the North Mountain and Shaw Butte, with unforgettable birds, a riparian area and the always possible sighting of a coyote, road runner, owl, desert tortoise or Gila monster.